Chez Betty

Update 2019: Chez Betty is presently on sabbatical until further notice. As stated previously, Chez Betty is trying to reorganize itself as a sponsored corporation following UM policies. Chez Betty is not affiliated with CSEG.

Chez Betty is a food co-op run by the graduate students in the CSE department. It’s located in the graduate student lounge and has snacks, drinks, and easy-to-make meals. Betty’s built on the honor system, so you pick what food you want, login on the terminal, and enter your purchase. You can also keep money in your account so you don’t have to worry about making change.

Betty’s always looking for volunteers. To get involved, shoot an email to or check out #chezbetty on the cseg slack.

Betty tries to keep its food as innexpensive as possible, while still covering all costs. Any money raised above covering costs is re-invested in CSEG to pay for social events. To balance this, Betty normally charges a fixed overhead above what the store’s price is, so prices change as stores raise their prices or have a sale.

Other cool features of the lounge are a wall of whiteboards, couches and tables for meeting with a group, and a TV and Bluetooth speakers.

To learn more about about Betty, go visit the grad lounge – located on the second floor just off the landing from the straight stairs – or take a digital tour at